Brighten Up Your Summer Look 


by: Kayla Dewees

Photographer: Victoria Dewees Model: Kayla Dewees

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Photographer: June Hucko Model: Rayne Simmonds

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Photographer: June Hucko Model: Lorena Wite

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Photographer: Victoria Dewees Model: Kayla Dewees

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When it comes to finding cute and admirable summer trends that promote individuality, authentic looks conjure all the craze. Dive into summer with these warm, fresh, and bright colors that will allow any look to glow. Yellows and golds invite colorful personality to walk through your style's doors, creating a whole new sense of luminous and distinct taste running through your fashionistic pores. 


Yellow, may I ask who's speaking?

Yellow is known for representing happiness, clarity, positivity, and intellect, which are all of the traits you want your summer to be filled with! Not only does this color radiate cheerfulness and positivity, but also confidence, and that is a trend everyone should flock to.


It's All Golden.

The color gold displays modes of courage, passion, magic, and wisdom, visually flashing a sparkle into your life. Dress your look up with gold, turning heads with a radiating shine or even effortlessly shaking up a casual outfit. Golden hues go with any occasion and this opulent color has been a staple in fashion since as early as 5000 BCE. 


Ways to Incorporate These Colors into Your Daily Look:

1. Golden sparkles

Put them on your eyelids, your skin, or your hair to shine your way through the day.


2. Yellow/Gold Eye Shadow

This is a subtle look that provides a burst of brightness to complete any fashionable statement or relaxed fit, and it's super quick for when you're on the go.


3. Floral Hair-Wear 

You can tone this earthy look up or down with live or fake yellow flowers by attaching them to a barrette, headband, or if want to get fancy, a flower crown. The same goes for gold barrettes and headbands, spicing up any look.


4. Clothing 

Of course, you can incorporate yellow or gold into any look. Whether it be with a shirt, pants, shoes, or a dress, you can incorporate yellow and gold with any neutral or pop of color and still glow.