Fashion Essentials to Last in The Summer Heat


by Kayla Dewees

1. Something Flowy


When summer turns around the corner and comfortability is key to surviving the heat, it is mandatory to keep something light and flowy in your wardrobe. Whether it be a loose/open tee or dress, simple and baggy can never let you down. In addition, these clothing traits can hide bloating and allow your body to breath.


2. Bandana/Head Scarf


Add unique style to your bun or pony with a hair scarf/bandana. After tying your hair back from the heat in a quick cute way with a hair scarf. There are countless ways to tie or even use these accessories to style up any outfit. 


3. Strapped Handbag


With the boredom of summer comes the urge to get out of the house and create new memories. Whether it be a bbq, concert, game, or special event, bulky purses can get in the way of your fun. Invest in a small lightweight purse for outings, relieving the heaviness off your shoulders and bringing on the good times stylistically.