5 Products That'll Leave Your Skin Glowing


by Kayla Dewees

The occasional breakout is unfortunately inevitable (unless you're a superhuman), however, there are certain products you can use to shorten the life of or even prevent that little tiny personal annoyance that stares you directly in the eye when you're looking into the mirror. The truth is, you're perfect just the way you are, with or without acne but we all understand how it can feel when you have it. I used to have horrible cystic acne that I'd become obsessive about. There would be big bumps under my skin that would take weeks at a time to go away and of course, once I learned that a breakout isn't the end of my life because everyone gets them, is when I 

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 finally started getting rid of them. So before we go on with these AMAZING products, we're here to say that breakouts don't control you, YOU control them... with the help of some relieving skincare that'll leave you glowing. (This is not an advertisement). 




1. Being Preventative: The Clarisonic


Cue the clouds opening, angel's singing, and the skies burning your eyes with the brightest light like, ever. The acne gods have finally answered your prayers with this simple device. All hail, the Clarisonic. If I could bet against my pre-existing pimple that it won't exist with this tool, even after a night of hard drinking and greasy food with the ladies, I'd go all in. The Clarisonic is a vibrational tool that exfoliates dry skin cells and deep cleans pores to remove dirt and makeup deeper than surface level, preventing harsh breakouts. I personally apply my favorite cleanser to the Clarisonic's brush every night before bed and let it work its magic. However, everyone's skin is different so you can start using it every other night or even a couple of days a week depending on your sensitivity levels and preferences.  


2. Kicking it into High Gear: The Glow Recipe


If there's anything worse than your face going full breakout without permission, especially when you've done everything to tame it, it's time to break out (no pun intended) the mother of all face masks: the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. This mask is amazing because you only have to apply a very small light layer to your face overnight and will most likely see silky smooth results the next day. The mask is a little pricey, especially for a college student on a budget like me, but it's worth it because this is a mask that you'd only have to use once a week at most, therefore making it long lasting as a little goes a long way.  




3. Refresh and Nourish: Rose Water


In order to keep your skin up to keep and hydrated, especially upon applying makeup daily, rose water is a natural hydrater that also refreshes the skin.  The nourishment of this beautiful flower soothes the skin with healing properties from vitamins and fatty acids that balance the skin's pH, clears dead skin cells, even out skin tone, and pretty much turn your face into pure gold. Use the rose water as needed, I sometimes even use it as a setting spray for my makeup too. Who knew flower water could get your skin glowing in all the right ways.



4. Decrease Inflammation: CBD Oil


The government finally came to their senses and decided to allow CBD oil, which is a derivative from cannabis, to become legal in all states that contains under 0.3%  THC levels. Can I get an amen? CBD has so many health benefits that it can't all be described in one single article, but I can discuss the benefits of CBD for acne, scar tissue, and even rashes. This topical is a natural anti-inflammatory which decreases irritation and hydrates the skin at the same time. I personally apply this product to cystic acne or just your average pimple, which shrinks it down rather quickly. CBD oil is a smart investment for not only your skin but for your health as well, as it is a pain reliever for muscles and joints when applied.







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5. Regulate Skin Texture: Cleanser

When discussing the importance of facial routines, cleansing your face daily creates drastic results in balancing skin texture and tone. Promesse face wash is an exfoliant cleanser I have stuck with for a while and seems to be the most effective out of the hundreds of face washes that I have tried. I've even recommended this face wash to family members and friends who have also had noticeably glowing results after using the product. The chemical makeup of this refreshing cleanser uses Aloe and Willowherb to improve the skin's overall texture and other acids such as Glycolic and Salicylic acids to decrease the occurrence of blemishes and heal scars without drying the skin. A miracle? I think so.







And that is the facial regimen that I like to call skin full of sunshine folks! Don't forget to test products on a small part of your skin as a test patch before using the product to prevent possible allergic reactions and remember to give each product time to work more efficiently.

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