Kailee Morgue: an Inside Look


By: Kayla Dewees

Model/Artist: Kailee Morgue

Photographer and Stylist: Kayla Dewees

Kayla Dewees

The talented pop artist Kailee Morgue is transforming music today with her variety in music style, punk fashion, and fierce, genuine personality. We decided to sit down and get to know more about the popular singer-songwriter, discussing everything from her latest projects to her choice in music taste and inspiration. 


There are many components that build a musician into an artist. When we asked Kailee what defines her as an artist, she replied “I think I have versatility as an artist that I haven’t even been able to showcase yet. I always forget that I’ve made around 100 songs already and have only released a handful of them. I’ve spent time diving into different areas of music that I don’t think people would expect from me and I hope I’ll be able to share all of it eventually.” This statement shows us the hard work that goes into a musician's career and the depths of artistry one can delve into when creating their musical identity. 


Moving the conversation forward to her goals as an artist, Kailee provided words of wisdom. “More recently I actually haven’t been sure what exactly I want from music, my relationship with it is constantly changing. I know at the core of it, I always just want to be happy with what I’m making and not get too lost in the way the music industry/media can make things look.” Kailee gives not only fans but other artists, a beautiful outlook on staying true to yourself and having trust in the process of where it will lead you. 


What artist doesn’t have inspiration behind their songs? Inspiration comes in many different forms for many different things. After discussing this thought with Kailee she stated, “I find inspiration everywhere, I know when I started I was mainly pulling from my personal experiences and relationships. The more I was writing, I would pull inspiration from movies and stories I’d been told, or stories of things other people had gone through.” This inspiration is great advice to any storyteller out there and shows that listening skills are a great attribute to have. Also using personal experiences as inspiration behind art is a proactive outlet to express oneself and amazing advice to other artists out there. 


Pulling from the theme of inspiration, we followed up on this topic by asking what other artists have influenced Kailee’s music style. “Sonically, I get inspired by so many different artists, I love pulling ideas from one genre and integrating it into another. Lately, I’ve been on a punk/pop-punk kick with bands like blink-182, the strokes, Gang of Four. I think you can get inspired by the ‘spirit’ of different types of music and try to recreate the way it makes you feel.” 


As Kailee has been creating music for many years, we asked for a piece of advice to give to other musicians. She graciously commented, “I think I’d tell other artists to really make sure they know exactly who they are and what they want from music. Music has a way of becoming your identity and I think that can hurt you in some ways if you aren’t super grounded in who you are. Amazing music comes out of that kind of confidence too.” Very well spoken and true in all walks of life. To be yourself and know yourself is an asset in achieving personal growth.


Leading into the next part of Kailee’s growth in her career, her latest single “Knew You” was released on March 26th, a catchy fun-loving bop that gives us all the feels, and is now streaming on all platforms. When we asked how she came across the idea for the single and the message behind it, she said “‘Knew You’ was just one of my first approaches to speaking about love in a way that doesn’t have fear or negativity, in a super lovey/playful way. I think I’d also never been with someone that made me feel like they were on my mind so much that I couldn’t write a song about anything else. So I feel like this song really brings something else out of me.” We’re inspired by your process and love seeing you thrive in your environment, Kailee. 


So, we are all wondering, what is the next big step? Well… she has had her hands full creating her sophomore EP!  “I’m super stoked about it. It’s definitely a random mix of songs, but after releasing my first EP two years ago and taking a break to explore what I can do musically, it feels so much more true to me than anything I’ve ever made.” She continued to say “Over the past few years I’ve done a lot of growing behind the scenes. Entering the industry at 18 years old and being 21 now, I’ve matured and gone through a lot that I haven’t even talked about publicly. I’ve changed a lot sonically too and how I approach writing, I think you can really hear that in this next EP.” Release the confetti, clap your hands, and pump the air horns for this talented, one of a kind gal. Kailee is giving the world a distinctive flair to explore with her music style alongside her authentic disposition as she flourishes towards the next path in her music career. Keep a lookout for her latest EP release "Here in Your Bedroom" this Friday, April 24th and don’t forget to check out the “Knew You” music video, now on Youtube.