How to Grow Those Long Locks With Love


by Kayla Dewees

When diving into the deep abyss of the world of hair, it can be difficult to figure out where to even begin. There are many do's and don’ts when approaching the craft of hair growth. However, one can start with the don'ts and it can further the process of advancing towards the dos. These are a few mild tips in pursuing longer locks of luscious hair.


The strongest don’t on the list of hair care, is a simple alteration that everyone has heard at least once in their lifetime, which is… to minimize the usage of hot tools. When considering the ultimate demise of hair growth, the causing factor tends to be breakage. Split ends continually break off, causing hair to look as though it isn't growing. The major causation of split ends? Hot tools. So, love your natural hair and use hot tools only when necessary.

Another helper for hair growth lies in the manner of brushing it. This sounds minor but ever since I added this to my routine, my hair has grown so much quicker. It is completely understandable that everyone's hair is different, therefore different types of brushes work better for certain people, however, the type of brush you use can defy hair breakage. Combs lean towards the peskier "don't" side of detangling, due to the ripping of hair strands. Anytime I brush my hair I instantly reach to use a Wet Brush (not an ad), especially after the shower. Brushing your hair before hopping into the shower prevents extreme detangling after the shower. As mentioned, breakage causes a lack of hair growth and brushing out wet tangles can rip out strands or even break pieces of hair off. After showering, it is most impactful to not brush your hair at all and let those beautiful locks air dry.


One of the most beneficial influences on hair growth that seems to be painfully obvious is hydration. It can formulate every difference in growth. Water not only constructs the stimulation of hair follicles but ultimately regulates the body’s circulatory system (which is kind of important). A large contribution to healthy hair hydration relies on the products used after washing your hair and the amount of water you drink. When swaying towards a natural form of hydration, coconut oil can do wonders for strengthening, lengthening, and hydrating hair. So, drink more water while embracing that hydrated air-dried hair and after that, drink MORE water.