Keep Your Hair Hydrated


by: Kayla Dewees

Anytime someone brings up the hot topic of a new hair product it can be quite daunting, because who wants to waste money on another hair product that doesn’t work… again. Let’s rid ourselves of those wasted hair products piling up in our cabinets and find relief in the simplicity of one necessity. This is an effortless and natural hair product that’ll leave your hair hydrated and healthy, without unwanted chemicals and additives, while helping your hair grow much faster.


Open yourself up to a product that is crazed in not only hair care but pretty much everything you can think of. Its benefits allow skin to radiate, nails to strengthen and grow, health to blossom and this magical potion's name is coconut oil. Having countless more favorable values for your health, this gem is highly useful in hydrating hair follicles and allowing your hair to grow thicker and longer, faster. Hair thrives off of fatty acids, and coconut oil is a primary resource for this. These acids sluff away build-up on the scalp to begin the thickening and growing process, a process that begins with the proper distribution of oil on your hair.


The appliance of coconut oil leads to either a greasy disaster or a beautiful technique in the craft of hair. Within the use of coconut oil, there is a fine line that comes with its power. Fellow friends and acquaintances have claimed that their bad experiences with coconut oil left their hair grimy and oleaginous but, if you follow this simple routine your hair will be gleaming with hydration. If your hair is longish, thick, or wavy follow the exact routine below or for varying hair types, adjust your routine through the proceeding steps:


1. Brush your hair with a Wet Brush before hopping into the shower.

2. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, fully rinsed.

3. Once you’ve dried off, brush your wet hair again (do not dry hair).

4. Reach for your jar of condensed coconut oil and apply about two fingertips full (or about 1/4 of a teaspoon heaping) of oil and rub it into the palms of your hands until melted.

5. Begin by applying to the ends of your hair, where the most breakage occurs.

(TIP: work oil through the hair, do not coat the outside of your hair)

6. Work the oil up thoroughly, until you reach the scalp (there should only be a little oil left).

7. Run your fingers through your hair, as close to your scalp as you can, and give a quick rub over the scalp.

8. Repeat each time after you wash and/or rinse your hair.


Everyone’s hair differs in texture, type, and length. Here are some guidelines to simplify the process:

-If your hair tends to be straight/thin/oily, use less oil and work with the routine above once or twice a week. If your hair continues to look oily, apply less product.

-If you still find your hair dry and frizzy, test trial and error to see if every day works better.

-If your hair is shorter in length, use much less. I’d say to use about half of the  ¼ teaspoon or less depending on your hair’s texture/type.

-If your hair is extremely curly, it’ll soak up the coconut oil more so depending on the length. You can try using as much as the routine above and if your hair is still frizzy or dry, more product can work wonders.


Trial and error work best with any product, especially with differing hair types and lengths. If you’re unsure, always start with less and work your way up. The benefits of coconut oil extend beyond a simple routine. Ingesting this resourceful oil can also protect from hair damage and increase your body’s health immensely. Hop on that coconut train and feel rejuvenated.