Put The "I" in Accessorize


by: Kayla Dewees

Sometimes an outfit just feels like its missing something and the hardest part is finding the right piece to make or break your finished look. Instead of frantically ripping through your closet to find that perfect piece, start with these simple chic tips to properly execute a fun and easy style that stands out. ​

Bold Earrings

Photographed by Chase Zychowski

Earrings work wonders and are most definitely a magical force of fashion’s nature because of the wide variety that comes with their territory. Earrings can make a simple fit pop, a casual look cross over to the fancy side, or even just accentuate your attire all-around. Earrings naturally draw attention to your beautiful face, especially when worn with an up-do,  in accompany to your look as a whole. Try styling your earrings with a blazer or dress to switch up these common looks. As mentioned, earrings do add substance to the upper part of your body, so wearing little to no makeup and a casual fit with earrings can be a great combo for styling up a look when on the go. Why brush your hair when you can just throw on some earrings?

Funky Shoes

Photographed by Kayla Dewees

Many can argue that shoes in all technicality are a mandatory part of an outfit/clothing rather than being an accessory but Steve Jobs proved us wrong. We all love going barefoot, it has even been proven to have many health benefits, but if you’re not feeling like kicking off your shoes just yet, here are some tips on picking that perfect shoe. Patterns are something you can never go wrong with; they can be mixed with other patterns or add depth to a plain look. 

Unique Belts

Photographed by Kayla Dewees

BELTS. They can do AMAZING things for any outfit. Not only do these handy gadgets hold your britches up, but they can change the shape and fit of any piece you’re wearing. A flowing dress can become a synched gathered style, or your solid colored fit can blossom into a fierce jungle look, jump on and explore the frontier of belted fashion.