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Happy Daze

A guide to a healthier happier you

refresh your inner self


Written by Kayla Dewees

Model: Carly Doyle

Photographer: Kayla Dewees


There are days when life seems like it retains no happiness and all that deems possible is giving up when in actuality, you can be the one that seeks your own happiness. Trust me, I've fallen into deep depressive holes that I thought I'd never overcome but I dug myself out of those holes and made them my bitch starting with this simple advice. Before I begin, this isn't a grant of guaranteed happiness and as I said, you're the determiner of your own happiness and success. That being said, here is a guide to lead your beautiful self into a brighter tomorrow. 


The first advice in this set of many is if you're feeling blue, go out of your way to talk to/hang out with your best friend or someone that's close to you. Yes, it is crappy in times of need to reach out to someone rather than them reach out to you but people aren't mind readers (that we know of). The reason why I say hangout or even simply chat with your best friend/loved one is because they're your best friend for a reason. They are professionals at listening to your problems and giving you advice, a hug, a drink, a dance party, or whatever it may be to cheer your booty up and bring out the best in you to then build off of. 


Another golden word of advice that has always cheered me up is so simple yet amazing: do something that you enjoy. I've had ultimate lows where I've genuinely thought absolutely nothing could cheer me up but then a box of chocolate lured me in and welp... the night wasn't so bad after all. If sweets aren't your forte, try engaging in your favorite hobby or listening to happy music, because we all know that sadness + sad music = too many tears and self-pity.


Physicality and mentality are proclaimed to be inherently linked in so many matters of life. Therefore, if you're feeling down, the best way to get your mind off of whatever is troubling you is to get up and go out. Whether it be on a walk, shopping, or out for lunch, you'll get some fresh air and a grasp of the world's ever-growing energy that accompanies your personal growth. I used to isolate myself in my room and not talk to anyone but my cat, burying myself in a pit of loneliness. I actually found out with medical attention that because I wasn't going out, the lack of sunlight caused my vitamin D levels to drop lower than a fourth of an average count. The important message of this story is that vitamin D is a provider of bettering serotonin levels, which are the neurotransmitters in charge of regulating important things such as appetite, cognition, and immune system support. Therefore, being reclusive can worsen your health mentally and physically, as these two vital elements of life will always be linked. Your interaction with the outside world is extremely important and a key to your development of contentment.


These are just a few simple steps to carry you onto a happier healthier life and hopefully be a start to balance out all three sides of your health triangle (mental, social, and physical) by simply starting with the needs of your mental health side. It is crucial to acknowledge and seek proper care for your mental health no matter if you're broke (like me) or in an unhappy circumstance, make the change to better yourself and life will eventually get to a better point. Life's capacity of growth is filled with ups and downs that every human comes into contact with and that is what allows us to appreciate moments more deeply. So the next time you're feeling down or just want to improve your mindfulness,  I hope some of these tips will help pick you up onto a brighter path.